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The permanent account number (PAN) of HLS ASIA LTD. is AAACH0627H. There are total 10 GST numbers (GSTIN) registered under this PAN. The GST number, state of registration, type and status of each GSTIN is available in the table below:

# State GSTIN Type Status
1 Delhi 07AAACH0627H1ZY Regular Active
2 Delhi 07AAACH0627H2ZX Regular Provisional
3 Rajasthan 08AAACH0627H1ZW Regular Active
4 Uttar Pradesh 09AAACH0627H1ZU Regular Active
5 Tripura 16AAACH0627H1ZZ Regular Active
6 Assam 18AAACH0627H1ZV Regular Provisional
7 Gujarat 24AAACH0627H1Z2 Regular Active
8 Maharashtra 27AAACH0627H1ZW Regular Active
9 Andhra Pradesh 37AAACH0627H1ZV Regular Active
10 Other Territory 97AAACH0627H1ZP Regular Active