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The permanent account number (PAN) of OIL AND NATURAL GAS CORPORATION LIMITED is AAACO1598A. There are total 63 GST numbers (GSTIN) registered under this PAN. The GST number, state of registration, type and status of each GSTIN is available in the table below:

# State GSTIN Type Status
1 Jammu and Kashmir 01AAACO1598A1DA Tax Deductor Active
2 Jammu and Kashmir 01AAACO1598A1Z1 Regular Active
3 Himachal Pradesh 02AAACO1598A1D8 Tax Deductor Active
4 Himachal Pradesh 02AAACO1598A1ZZ Regular Active
5 Punjab 03AAACO1598A1D6 Tax Deductor Active
6 Punjab 03AAACO1598A1ZX Regular Active
7 Uttarakhand 05AAACO1598A1D2 Tax Deductor Active
8 Uttarakhand 05AAACO1598A1ZT Regular Provisional
9 Uttarakhand 05AAACO1598A3ZR Regular Active
10 Haryana 06AAACO1598A1D0 Tax Deductor Active
11 Haryana 06AAACO1598A1ZR Regular Active
12 Delhi 07AAACO1598A1DY Tax Deductor Active
13 Delhi 07AAACO1598A1ZP Regular Active
14 Rajasthan 08AAACO1598A1ZN Regular Active
15 Rajasthan 08AAACO1598A2ZM Regular Provisional
16 Uttar Pradesh 09AAACO1598A1DU Tax Deductor Active
17 Uttar Pradesh 09AAACO1598A1ZL Regular Active
18 Bihar 10AAACO1598A1DB Tax Deductor Active
19 Bihar 10AAACO1598A1Z2 Regular Inactive
20 Bihar 10AAACO1598A2Z1 Regular Provisional
21 Bihar 10AAACO1598A3Z0 Regular Provisional
22 Bihar 10AAACO1598A4ZZ Regular Active
23 Tripura 16AAACO1598A1DZ Tax Deductor Active
24 Tripura 16AAACO1598A1ZQ Regular Provisional
25 Tripura 16AAACO1598A2ZP Regular Active
26 Assam 18AAACO1598A1DV Tax Deductor Active
27 Assam 18AAACO1598A1ZM Regular Provisional
28 Assam 18AAACO1598A2ZL Regular Active
29 Assam 18AAACO1598A3ZK Regular Provisional
30 Assam 18AAACO1598A4ZJ Regular Provisional
31 Assam 18AAACO1598A5ZI Regular Provisional
32 West Bengal 19AAACO1598A1DT Tax Deductor Active
33 West Bengal 19AAACO1598A1ZK Regular Active
34 Jharkhand 20AAACO1598A1DA Tax Deductor Active
35 Jharkhand 20AAACO1598A1Z1 Regular Active
36 Odisha 21AAACO1598A1D8 Tax Deductor Active
37 Odisha 21AAACO1598A1ZZ Regular Active
38 Chhattisgarh 22AAACO1598A1D6 Tax Deductor Active
39 Chhattisgarh 22AAACO1598A1ZX Regular Active
40 Madhya Pradesh 23AAACO1598A1D4 Tax Deductor Active
41 Madhya Pradesh 23AAACO1598A1ZV Regular Active
42 Gujarat 24AAACO1598A1D2 Tax Deductor Active
43 Gujarat 24AAACO1598A1ZT Regular Provisional
44 Gujarat 24AAACO1598A3ZR SEZ Unit Active
45 Gujarat 24AAACO1598A4ZQ Regular Active
46 Maharashtra 27AAACO1598A1DW Tax Deductor Active
47 Maharashtra 27AAACO1598A1ZN Regular Active
48 Karnataka 29AAACO1598A1DS Tax Deductor Active
49 Karnataka 29AAACO1598A1ZJ Regular Inactive
50 Karnataka 29AAACO1598A2ZI Regular Active
51 Goa 30AAACO1598A1D9 Tax Deductor Active
52 Goa 30AAACO1598A1Z0 Regular Active
53 Tamil Nadu 33AAACO1598A1D3 Tax Deductor Active
54 Tamil Nadu 33AAACO1598A1ZU Regular Active
55 Puducherry 34AAACO1598A1D1 Tax Deductor Active
56 Puducherry 34AAACO1598A1ZS Regular Active
57 Andaman and Nicobar Islands 35AAACO1598A1ZQ Regular Active
58 Telangana 36AAACO1598A1DX Tax Deductor Active
59 Telangana 36AAACO1598A1ZO Regular Active
60 Andhra Pradesh 37AAACO1598A1DV Tax Deductor Active
61 Andhra Pradesh 37AAACO1598A1ZM Regular Active
62 Other Territory 97AAACO1598A1DP Tax Deductor Active
63 Other Territory 97AAACO1598A1ZG Regular Active